The Arnoulette case

The Arnoulette case : a witchcraft trial in Valenciennes

Theatre, music, dance, and video

A performance based on the municipal archives and put on by the Academy of music Eugène Bozza in tune with the exhibition “A history of the world in 100 objects” from the Britsh Museum’s collection.

A witch? Did you say a witch? Who was Arnoulette?

In 1663, in the city center of Valenciennes, damning evidences have been found: Arnoulette’s curses are responsible for the death of several residents. Evil spells, poisons, devils and demons are part of the everyday life. A manuscript found in the archives of the Municipality narrates the story of this extraordinary trial.

The audience is plunged into this outstanding trial through video sequences, theatre performances, sings and dances. Was she a true witch or just an outsider disturbing the neighborhood?

Become a witness of the past and find out mindset and beliefs of the people living in Valenciennes under the reign of Louis XIV.

Directing: Nadia DUVAL and Didier KERCKAERT

In collaboration with CHAM de Léocadie DANEL classes, Florence DELHAYE’s dances, on Thibault BRUNIAUX’s music, with the participation of Nathanaël DELHAYE, dancer at the Paris Conservatory.