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Mr Laurent Degallaix, mayor of Valenciennes, is the publishing director of the website of Valenciennes.

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Personal Data Rights Notice.

Your personal datas are not collected without your knowledge by law « Information Technology and Civil Liberties » n° 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978.

Online Application forms are at your disposal to access to some municipal services. Personal datas are not collected and will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be subject to any processing by the city of Valenciennes.

Every person may directly require from an organisation holding information about him that the data be corrected (if they are wrong), completed or clarified (if they are incomplete or equivocal), or erased (if this information could not legally be collected). To exercise this right, please contact by post:

Mairie de Valenciennes
Place d’Armes
B.P. 90939
59 304 Valenciennes Cedex

In the absence of any response, please contact by post or email ( the representative in charge of the Data Protection Act.

For more information about the Data Protection Act, please consult the official website:


Reserved rights

The general structure of the website is the exclusive property of the City of Valenciennes (art. 111-1, Intellectual property code). Pictures, texts, baselines, drawings, sounds, audiovisual and multimedia files, and all content are the exclusive property of the City of Valenciennes or to third parties which have granted the licence.

Any reproduction, whole or partial representation, use, adaptation, provision or modification of these elements by any procedure whatsoever, by anybody whomsoever and by any means whatsoever (including but not limited to sale, marketing and rental) without the express authorisation of the City of Valenciennes, of any authors or their beneficiaries, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an offence of counterfeiting under the terms of the French intellectual property code.

Databases are protected by specific provisions (Law n° 98-536,  1st of July 1998). Use or reproduction without the express authorisation of the author is not permitted.


The City of Valenciennes does not ensure that this website is without default, mistakes, or omissions. The City of Valenciennes cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for any mistakes in the content of this website and for any resulting financial losses or damage.

The City of Valenciennes is not responsible for the content of the said other sites, and shall not be held liable for any resulting damage or prejudice. The links to other sites are provided to users solely for convenience.

Protection of privacy and confidentiality

Users of the website must abide the legislation for personal privacy protection, any breach may be punished as a criminal offence. The user must abstain, in particular, in the case of personal data, to which he or she has access, from any collection, misappropriate use and, generally speaking, from any action likely to interfere with the private lives or reputation of people.

Protection of public safety

The digital communication medium which has been made available to users must not convey unsuitable messages. Broadcasting messages bearing a pornographic or violent character or a character seriously violating human dignity is punished by the French criminal law (art. 227-24 – Penal Code)

Automated data processing security

Deliberate alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access to the automated data processing system is punished by the French criminal law (art. 323-1 – Penal Code).