Exploring the Yakshagana

What is Yakshagana? The ethnomusicologist Anitha Savitha will explain you everything!

Presentation of Yakshagana (theatre located in the South-West of India) by the ethnomusicologist Anitha Savitha along with her Indian dance master followed by a performance at Espace Pasolini.
Full of elegance and amazing virtuosity, Bannanjee Sanjeeva Suvarna and his disciple Shailesh Naik will perform the Yakṣagāna (song of the nature-spirits). In Udupi and in the coastal villages of Karnataka, in the South of India, some men dressed in colourful costumes dance together and reenact poetic epics of the dry season. Tonight you will experience some extracts of Rāmāyaṇa and Mahābhārata.

with Anitha Savitha Herr

As part of Carrefour International of Espace Pasolini